Creating a Culture of Safety on Job Sites

creating-a-culture-of-safety-on-job-sites-insight-mobile-data-item-1-300-169Reining in Risk

Construction Equipment

Theft and on-the-job accidents are major risks at job sites, but technology is providing new tools that can help keep workers and equipment safe.

This article explains how to create a culture of safety using the latest mobile resource management tools.

creating-a-culture-of-safety-on-job-sites-insight-mobile-data-item-2-620-349Alert: FMCSA Actions Emphasize Risks of Non-Compliance

Commercial Carrier Journal

Two recent FMCSA investigations triggered by a pair of fatal accidents have resulted in a carrier being shut down and a truck driver placed out-of-service.

Find out how better driver monitoring could have revealed early warning signs.

creating-a-culture-of-safety-on-job-sites-insight-mobile-data-item-3-1920-1080Top 10 Benefits of Construction Equipment Telematics


Learn how new technologies are driving improved safety, efficiency, and productivity at construction sites, with benefits such as:

  • Increased asset utilization
  • Optimized maintenance scheduling
  • And more

creating-a-culture-of-safety-on-job-sites-with-street-eagle-app-insight-mobile-data-item-4-300-375Every Asset at Your Command, from Anywhere

As businesses continue to “go mobile” and customers look to extend the visibility and real-time intelligence of StreetEagle into the field, we’ve responded with a redesigned and expanded StreetEagle Mobile app.

Optimized for any sized device, the new app extends the capabilities of the StreetEagle tracking solutions platform into the field, where service and responsiveness separates you from your competition. Read more about the app on both the Google Play and Apple stores.