FIELD SERVICE 2014: Access to the Right Information Empowers a Results-Driven Workforce

2014-04-offer1Aberdeen Group

According to new research from the Aberdeen Group, your field workers’ access to data on the job is closely tied to the strength of customer relationships and retention rates. Do your service interactions go beyond solving immediate problems to building strategic value?

2014-04-offer2Lenovo Recommends 15 Steps to Reducing Security Risks in Enterprise Mobility


“Mobilizing” your workforce (empowering workers with mobile devices) can make a host of field-based workflows more efficient. But mobile devices can also leave businesses vulnerable to potential data loss and security breaches.

Fortunately, if you implement these simple best practices, you can greatly reduce your risk exposure while reaping the benefits of a
mobile-enabled workforce.

2014-04-offer3Integrated Solutions for Fuel Purchasing can Help Lower Costs

Fleet Equipment

Fuel fraud is a major headache for companies with mobile workforces. An integrated fuel card solution, however, can help organizations gain visibility—and therefore control—over this once easy-to-manipulate budget item.

Fuel cards alone are no longer enough to effectively prevent fuel theft. The essential ingredient is back-office integration.

2014-04-offer4Expert Advice on the Pros and Cons of Developing a BYOD Policy


If you’re trying to decide whether to adopt a BYOD (bring your own device) policy at your organization, you’ve got to weigh the pros and cons to determine which approach will fit your needs best. Here’s what 22 mobility experts had to say about the risks and rewards of BYOD. Is BYOD a good fit for your team?

2014-04-offer5How Telematics, Mobile and On-Demand Software are Shaping the Modern Trucking Industry

Financial Post

As fuel costs, regulatory compliance, and expensive labor eat up fleets’ budgets, they have to find ways to stay competitive and maintain their margins. While telematics provides unprecedented visibility into fleet operations, route optimization is where some of the biggest gains can be found. Is your workforce driving smart—or just hard?