Fleet Management: Upcoming Trends for 2015

14306462Fleet Managers Learning to Depend on Cloud Technology

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With data securely stored in the cloud, Fleet managers have the ability to access, add or remove resources 24/7 from any PC, smartphone or tablet—increasing their on-the-job agility and efficiency. This means they can monitor job-critical data no matter where they are, and make management decisions proactively, instead of reactively.


What do mobile employees want from their employers?


If you’re a CIO or other C-suite executive looking for ways to incentivize your mobile workers, take note: your employees are looking to you for solutions that will help them be more productive and efficient while on the job.

Learn how team collaboration through mobile technology can benefit everyone in your organization.

14933505Fleet Management 2025 Forcast: It’s all about data access.

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Over the next 10-15 years mobile technology and data integration will drastically improve the ability to access fleet data easily and securely. Here are 34 top trends that will drive down fleet maintenance costs and improve employee productivity.

19291916New Report: Mobile Trends for 2015

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The impact of mobile technologies on enterprise business models in 2015 will be profound. Mobile Enterprise’s Mobile Outlook predicts 50% of companies will increase spending on mobile solutions, in part because employees report that they would be more productive at work if they had access to their personal devices.