How Critical is Mobile Data for Your Field Workers?


Your employees who work in the field need practical, easy-to-use mobile data tools that can access and communicate relevant job information in real-time.

In this article, four business intelligence (BI) experts ring in on the types of actionable data mobile employees truly need to work more efficiently.

2014-09-eNews-offer-2Direct and Indirect Costs of Not Measuring Driver Safety

Fleet Safety Institute

An accident due to an employee’s reckless driving has both direct and indirect financial impacts on their company. For every $1 an accident costs your company, there can be between $4-10 in indirect costs (lawsuits, lower productivity, vehicles taken off the road, etc.).

The Fleet Safety Institute weighs in with some alarming stats that highlight the risks of not measuring and monitoring driver safety.

2014-09-eNews-offer-3What Mobile Workers Want

Mobile Enterprise

Forward-thinking companies need a sound mobile security strategy to complement a generation of workers who are more savvy with mobile devices and comfortable working remotely.

This resource can help you gain insight into how organizations can balance security and mobility in the “#GenMobile” age.