Complete Fleet Safety Program

A Comprehensive, 360-Degree Approach to Creating a Culture of Safety

Many fleet management and driver behavior software services do a good job of collecting driver behavior data. Some may even have video evidence to back the data up. However, most busy fleet managers and owners lack the expertise, time and resources, to properly analyze their own data. They also don’t have time to apply insights gained to improve the overall safety and efficiency of their operation.

Most organizations don’t have the time, experience or people to:

  • Design and implement effective driver safety training and coaching programs
  • Analyze video captured by in-cab or on-vehicle cameras to pinpoint specific driving performance issues or investigate incidents
  • Write or review existing safety policies and procedures
  • Create and maintain consistent driver scoring and competition campaigns
  • Develop and manage driver performance incentive and reward programs
  • Analyze driver performance data for potential risk vulnerabilities
  • Regularly review driver MVR reports and conduct background screenings for safety performance records
Driver performance monitoring crashed service van

InSight helps organizations handle all aspects of creating, implementing and managing a complete fleet safety program. We do it through a diverse offering of both one-time (setup) and ongoing managed services that can be configured to meet the specific needs of your fleet operation. When properly applied and managed, these services will help encourage high-level driving performance that delivers quantifiable results, enhances your reputation, boosts employee morale and permeates your organization from top to bottom.

Complete Fleet Safety Program

Download the info sheet to learn more about the benefits of the Complete Fleet Safety Program. (PDF)

What does the Complete Fleet Safety Program include?

Fleet and Driver Behavior Monitoring

When combined with StreetEagle Professional® telematics software, you’ll have accurate, real-time driver behavior data that provides an accurate picture of how your drivers perform on the road. Fleet owners and managers are able to access both individual and fleet-wide data from any internet connected device. This allows them to stay current with the driving behavior event metrics that are most critical: posted speed limit violations, braking, acceleration, cornering events and more.

  • KPI Dashboard: StreetEagle’s KPI Dashboard provides insight into important driver behavior metrics such as acceleration, hard braking and sharp cornering. It also allows you to compare vehicle speeds versus posted speed limits, to make sure drivers aren’t risking accidents on residential and secondary roads.
  • Driver Scorecards: Generate scorecards for each driver and configure company benchmarks, depending on specific needs, to address immediate concerns and use for coaching or driver performance reviews.
  • Driver Safety Alerts: The software will generate real-time alerts (direct to your desktop or mobile device) when unsafe driving events occur, such as speeding, hard braking, sudden acceleration and fast cornering.
  • Real-Time Audible Alerts: In-vehicle alerting can be programmed to notify drivers when driving events (configured according to vehicle-specific parameters) occur. Your team will learn to recognize unsafe driving behaviors they may take for granted, resulting in consistently improved driving performance.
  • Vehicle Cameras: StreetEagle LiveCam is a high-capacity digital video recorder that mounts on the inside windshield and captures interior and exterior views of the vehicle. Fleet managers can access a live feed or historical in-cab video (and optional audio) clips of any driver in action, which can be used for driver behavior coaching, insurance claims, legal disputes and company safety training.

Driver and Fleet Safety Assessment

InSight’s team of fleet safety experts can provide a complete Driver and Fleet Safety Assessment based on past incidents, previous fleet history, driver performance data and information collected from the initial deployment of the solution. This assessment will help your organization to:

  • Assess how drivers are performing against organizational safety and business goals
  • Analyze current KPIs and key benchmarking data
  • Compare your team’s safety metrics to industry standards
  • Identify gaps in fleet safety program initiatives
  • Create long-term planning goals and managed outcomes

Driver Scoring, Coaching and Training

StreetEagle arms you with the data you need to evaluate individual drivers’ performances, identify areas of improvement and coach them to correct driving behaviors that are costing the company financially and putting it at risk. This includes vehicle activity data captured and tied to specific locations, live video clips, driver scorecards (based on configurable company standards) and gamification techniques.

Driver behavior coaching truck driver on cell

InSight can provide a National Safety Council (NSC) trained fleet safety instructor who will make specific recommendations on remedial driver training to further mitigate your exposure.

Safety Policy and Procedure Review

We can help evaluate and modify existing company safety policies or help define, document and communicate new ones throughout the entire organization. The result: no more ambiguity over what the expectations are for driving procedures, vehicle use and performance.

Driver Risk Analysis

The program provides ongoing risk analysis, identifies unsafe and risky activity and makes specific recommendations for modifying behavior to ensure that your safety requirements are being met. Also included is a unique Fleet Risk Report which collects driver behavior data from every driver and compiles it in one easy-to-use report. This tool will help managers identify drivers that are most likely to be in an accident in the future. The “predictive risk” analysis allows for preventative coaching before your drivers are in an “at-fault” collision – not after.

Incident Review and Recommendations

We’ll help you review any existing post-incident policies and procedures and make specific recommendations to address any gaps or needs. We’ll also make sure your organization is protected from a liability standpoint. InSight provides an “incident framework” that can be used to train drivers so they understand the proper procedures to follow should a collision occur when driving company vehicles.

Rewards Program Recommendations for Safe Driving

We’ll recommend and help your team implement programs that recognize and reward superior driving performance. Recognizing compliance with company policies and rewarding outstanding safety performance has been proven to boost employee morale and promote an atmosphere of “friendly competition” among drivers that improves individual performance across the board.

MVR Reporting and Background Screening

The Complete Fleet Safety Program provides services to monitor your drivers’ MVR reporting and ensure that up-to-date employee driving records are always properly maintained. It can also include assistance with background screening for hiring purposes as required, as part of a truly comprehensive program that fosters commitment to fleet safety at every level.

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