StreetEagle® LiveCam Driver Camera

Capturing live in cab video of driver behavior to reduce accidents and improve company safety performance

StreetEagle LiveCam in cab cameras reinforce InSight Mobile Data’s commitment to help organizations with mobile resources build a culture of safety by providing drivers with tools that protect and empower them. LiveCam is a high-capacity digital driver cam that mounts on the inside windshield and captures interior and exterior views of the vehicle. Fleet managers can access a live feed or historical in cab video (and optional audio) clips of any driver in action, which can be used for driver coaching, insurance claims, legal disputes and much more.

But beyond all those benefits of real-time, in cab video, what sets LiveCam apart is how seamlessly it integrates into the StreetEagle software platform. Any basic mounted driver camera can capture video – but having that video accessible from a vehicle history report, or any point on a map, or through a link in an email alert makes all the difference for a supervisor trying to gather critical, real-time about a specific incident or violation.

Access live or historical in cab video clips from multiple places in StreetEagle software:

  • Any point on vehicle history displayed on map
  • Embedded link from history report
  • Embedded link from myScore driver behavior scorecard
  • Embedded link in email alerts
  • LiveCam in cab video clip library

StreetEagle LiveCam helps you protect your drivers, and your reputation, by delivering:

  • Accurate, real-time in cab cameras showing your drivers’ behavior and adherence to safety practices
  • Access to historical driver camera footage to analyze past driver behavior events
  • Integration with StreetEagle to view relevant cab cam video clips from multiple points in the software (reports, alerts, maps)
  • Opportunities to coach drivers using actual in cab video footage (proven to improve driving performance)
  • A perfect complement to electronic logbooks (ELD) for safety compliance and liability protection
  • Reductions in company accidents, insurance premiums, and repair costs to boost your bottom line
  • Protection for drivers, and the entire company, from insurance risk and false accident claims

Easy to manage driver cam video, and access it from anywhere:

LiveCam provides a live in cab video feed, in real-time and on-demand, whenever you need it. Additionally, LiveCam integrates driver camera video into your StreetEagle software interface, allowing you to:

  • Access a video clip from any vehicle shown on the map
  • Request cab cam video clips associated with events on StreetEagle reports
  • View clips from any device, on the go, from email and text alerts

The statistics cited below indicate when organizations invest in vehicle cameras and pair them with driver coaching they experience significant benefits, both tangible and intangible. Besides reducing accidents and their associated costs (repairs, insurance premiums, vehicle down time), driver cameras also provide an extra layer of protection against false accident claims, and managers/owners are given a powerful tool to help manage risk.

StreetEagle LiveCam

Download the info sheet to learn more about the benefits of StreetEagle LiveCam. (PDF)

Why driver cameras? Two words: safety and protection

It’s all about driver safety and reducing accidents. Large-truck involvement in fatal crashes across the U.S. has dropped nearly 73% since 1975 on a per-mile basis. It now differs little, mile for mile, from the automobile rate. Still, more than 3,700 large trucks were involved in deadly crashes in 2014, the most recent year for which data is available. Approximately 3,900 people died in those accidents. Most of the fatalities weren’t truckers themselves, but the occupation remains dangerous: Big-rig drivers are seven times more likely than the average worker to die from on-the-job injuries.

Because of large truck involvement in fatalities, nearly 400,000 trucks in North America now have driver cameras installed, consulting firm Frost & Sullivan estimates. Phoenix-based Swift Transportation — with 18,000 tractors, one of the country’s largest carriers — has recently finished the task of equipping its entire fleet. XPO Logistics of Greenwich, CT has in cab cameras in all of its 8,440 less-than-truckload tractors, and New Jersey-based NFI Industries began placing the cab cams in its 2,200 trucks in 2014.

In Cab Cameras = Safety

The admittedly limited experience of trucking companies to date, meanwhile, as well as the also-limited academic research, suggests that driver cameras can make highways safer. A federally funded study at Virginia Tech tallied safety-related events — again, things like hard braking or sudden swerving — at two trucking companies before cameras were activated and after. With the in cab cameras turned on, and — importantly — trainers coaching drivers in the wake of mistakes, safety-related events declined by 52% at one company and 37% at the other.

According to the Virginia Tech study, follow-up coaching is critical. Only truckers who received face-to-face coaching about their driving changed their behavior and drivers who had the in cab cameras and knew they were there but got no coaching didn’t change their behavior at all. About 90% of crashes involve human error, and the study showed that in cab video monitoring can help correct bad habits of even experienced drivers. Researchers likened the approach to athletes watching game film – you don’t know what you don’t know, and if you’re making a mistake and you don’t know you’re making it, how can you improve it?

At Roadrunner Transportation Systems, a Cudahy trucking company that is among the country’s 20 largest, a recently launched test in 30 tractors has shown a 60% to 80% drop in triggering events such as following too closely or hitting the brakes hard. Roadrunner, with 4,500 trucks, has been so impressed with the results that it is planning to implement driver cameras fleet-wide.

Demand for cab cams has increased dramatically in the last 9 – 12 months due to the Federal ELD mandate. Fleets with large trucks are being compelled to research technology with a renewed sense of urgency and in addition to complying with the FMCSA mandate, the question of driver cameras often arises.

The bottom line on driver camera systems: significant cost savings and risk reduction:

According to a Federally-funded study conducted at Virginia Tech’s Transportation Institute:

  • 90% of all crashes are caused by human error
  • Safety-related events (hard braking, sudden swerving or aggressive acceleration) declined by 52% for companies that had in cab cameras installed

Not Just Monitoring Driver Behavior… Building a Culture of Safety

LiveCam is part of a complete StreetEagle driver safety solution – which delivers a comprehensive set truck driver safety tools aimed not just at analyzing driving habits and correcting problems, but also at helping drivers and their supervisors to create a “culture of safety” within their organization. Drivers hear audible alerts in their cabs in real-time when violations occur; managers receive real-time alerts and can analyze extensive truck driver safety reports; in cab video feeds can be analyzed and stored in order to better understand accidents and other driver events; and the entire organization can join in friendly competition by applying principles of gamification to driving safety.

Organizations (such as OnTime Ambulance) have transformed the way they measure, encourage and reward safer driving through the use of InSight’s comprehensive driver safety solution.

LiveCam driver cameras can help you create a “culture of safety” within your organization. To get started, get in touch with us below: