ELD mandate: multiple solutions from InSight Mobile Data

Whether it’s ELD “plus,” ELD only or a BYOD solution you need, InSight has an FMCSA-certified solution ready to deploy.

Implementing an ELD solution for your team doesn’t need to be difficult. But it will take some time, and it needs to be properly planned for.

The FMCSA’s official deadline for having an ELD solution in place is December 18, 2017. But waiting until a month, or a few weeks (!), before that deadline… well, it’s like taking a canoe up that famous creek without a paddle.

InSight can help you avoid an ELD implementation nightmare. We’ve got multiple elog solutions that are proven, priced right, easy to learn, and always come with personalized service and support. Click here to schedule a free consultation to learn more about InSight’s ELD solution.

Drivers always know their current hours of service status, and can communicate it to the back office instantly.

Every InSight ELD solution includes:

  • ELD software - solution comes pre-installed with an FMCSA-compliant app that covers electronic logbooks, DVIR, Hours of Service and more
  • Onboarding and user training tools - InSight will assign a personal representative to get you up and running with the solution, and provide tools to train your team members as well
  • Personal, USA-based technical support - included with every solution InSight provides
  • Flexible pricing options for a variety of needs - see below for InSight’s multiple FMSCA-certified tablet options

Multiple FMCSA-certified tablet options, depending on your needs:

Need a tablet for ELD, PLUS other functions/applications?

InSight has you covered with our StreetEagle Utility Tablet:

  • FMCSA-certified ELD solution
  • Intended for multiple mobile applications
  • Mobile device management and 3rd party app hosting included
  • Ideal for fleets requiring ELD plus other mobile solutions (like maintenance management, custom forms and more)
  • Verizon data plan (4G LTE), included in the package

Need a tablet for ELD ONLY?

InSight’s StreetEagle Compliance Tablet is the perfect choice to get up and running quickly:

  • FMCSA-certified ELD solution
  • Self-install solution with no hard wiring required
  • Industry-first integrated cradle (ELD device built in, no other hardware necessary)
  • Ideal for fleets requiring an ELD-only option
  • Easy to transfer from one vehicle to another
  • Verizon data plan (4G LTE), included in the package

Need to bring your own device (BYOD) to the table?

The StreetEagle ELD application will run on most Android-based tablets, but is FMCSA-certified to run on the Samsung Tab E. With its large display and Verizon LTE connectivity, the Samsung Galaxy TAB E is an ideal BYOD choice to help fleets improve workflow efficiencies and drive results.

The StreetEagle ELD software running on the Samsung TAB E is identical to the software that runs on the SE Utility and Compliance Tablets and includes Fuel Management, IFTA data and the ability to add other, customer-sourced business applications. InSight also provides a ruggedized docking station and mounting solution designed specifically for the Samsung TAB E.

ELD (Electronic Logbooks)

Download the info sheet to learn more about the benefits of ELD (Electronic Logbooks). (PDF)


Here’s a breakdown of the various stages and activities that need to be planned for to comply with the ELD mandate, along with estimated time frames:

Stage 1: Selecting the right ELD solution provider (Time frame: NOW!)

Organizations that need to comply with the eLogs mandate should be well into the process of choosing a reliable, experienced ELD partner to work with by now. They should be able to answer your questions and provide a solution that’s easy to use, but at least as important is their ability and willingness to support you after the sale with training to use their driver’s logbook, customer care and technical support, and guidance to help you implement and roll out the solution to your team.

Stage 2: Ordering and fulfillment (Time frame: At least one month)

According to recent research from C. J. Driscoll & Associates, the demand for ELD solutions will skyrocket in the final quarter of 2017 – and the major question is, if you put off researching and/or purchasing a solution, will the equipment (in-vehicle hardware, tablets for drivers) you need be available to deploy to ensure your compliance? As the year goes on, this is going to become a more and more urgent question – and a huge problem for fleets that have waited to deploy elogs.

Stage 3: Mounting and Installation (Time frame: Two weeks)

Implementation is a crucial in deploying an ELD solution – you need to consider both the time it will take to purchase and roll out tablets and install in-vehicle hardware, but also the willingness and expertise of your vendor to ensure a smooth transition. Deploying elogs is not simply a matter of handing an app or tablet to your drivers and saying, “now we’re compliant.” An experienced vendor will walk through the process alongside you, every step of the way.

Stage 4: Training Drivers and Managers (Time frame: Two weeks)

Another very important factor to think about is, what will my vendor do to help us get our drivers up to speed with the ELD application? There should be training programs in place, guided by your vendor – and, ideally, tutorials built into the driver’s logbook software to help driver get familiar with how to use it. An experienced ELD provider will also help you to monitor user training and determine which team members have completed theirs and which haven’t.

Stage 5: Get Drivers Comfortable (Time frame: One month)

Finally, you need both time and a period of time for allowing employees to use the solution in the context of their daily work. How easy is the elogs application to use in the first place? Your team will need time to familiarize themselves with the solution, ask questions and use it in real-life scenarios. This is the true test of any ELD solution – it needs to be planned for when deciding your compliance time frame.

What are the ELD packages that InSight offers?

InSight offers an ELD only option, basic tracking features through StreetEagle plus ELD, and StreetEagle Professional tracking solutions with ELD. Multiple tablet options are available as well.

What is actually required by the FMCSA’s ELD mandate?

  • A direct connection with your vehicle’s engine, if your truck was manufactured after the year 2000. Any GPS or smartphone solution that doesn’t include that direct connection will not comply with the mandate.
  • The ELD solution must include the capability to electronically transfer HOS data to law enforcement. Acceptable communications methods include wireless web services, Bluetooth 2.1, USB, email and compliant printouts.
  • The ELD provider that you choose must be certified by the FMCSA. This means that the vendor must register with the FMCSA and document that the solution meets both the technical and performance mandate for the ELD mandate.
  • If you’re using an AOBRD, then you’re covered by a limited “grandfather” clause, which extends two years after the effective date of the rule – and four years from the time the final ELD is published.
  • Truck drivers that are required to keep record of duty status (RODS), but fall under and Hours of Service exemption, such as short haul, are not required to use an ELD.

InSight's ELD solution comes with an FMCSA-compliant app with electronic logbooks, DVIR, Hours of Service tracking and more.

For more information on the ELD mandate, who is affected and who isn’t, and its requirements for compliance, the FMCSA web site has multiple resources that should be helpful:

ELD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Electronic Logging Device Final Ruling
ELD Mandate Implementation Timeline
Choosing an Electronic Logging Device Checklist

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