Mobile Resource Management Solutions

Visibility into every asset you work with – at any time

The StreetEagle Tracking Solutions platform is the only software solution you need to gain complete visibility into the real-time location and activity of every mobile resource you depend upon to get your work done. And not only visibility – but instant communication and data sharing so you know the status and availability of every vehicle, piece of equipment and mobile worker in your organization.

Fleet Tracking

Monitor and report real-time location and activities of all company vehicles using our professional GPS tracking service.

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KPI Dashboard

Visually displays driving performance data on an individual or company-wide level, such as: speeding, idling, driver behavior events, vehicle usage and more.

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Vehicle Diagnostics

Real-time reports and alerts to keep you informed of maintenance needs, fuel usage, driver analytics and more.

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Automated vehicle maintenance provides fleet managers with a hands-free reminder of scheduled vehicle maintenance events.

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Fuel Card

A fully-integrated fuel management solution that provides data reporting to analyze fleet fuel consumption, verify usage, benchmark efficiency and more.

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Driver ID

Keep track of your drivers' vehicle assignments and monitor an employee's activity from vehicle to vehicle.

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Real-time tracking technology to keep your public transit riders informed and your drivers on time.

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Asset Tracking

Keep careful track of the location, status and usage of any field-based asset – either in the office or on the road via mobile apps.

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Mobile Apps

StreetEagle delivers a wide variety of mobile solutions to empower your team to make smart decisions based on real data, wherever your business takes you.

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Asset Scanning

A simple way to locate missing assets/equipment, provide proof of service, and manage inventory from anywhere using a smartphone.

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