Alerts and Notifications

Be alerted to problems as they happen – and respond immediately.

When something goes wrong on the road or on the job, real-time notification helps you to manage the situation immediately.

StreetEagle instantly alerts you when it detects a predefined condition that requires a rapid response to allow you to:

  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Improve your bottom line rapidly.
  • Curb unauthorized vehicle use.
  • Improve driver safety and reduce risk.
  • Maximize driver productivity.
  • Improve the longevity of your fleet with reduced idling and speeding.

Alerts and Norifications

The following alerts and notifications are provided with StreetEagle Tracking Solutions:

  • Speeding Alert – Improve driver safety and fuel efficiency.
  • Posted Speed Alert – Be aware when a driver is going faster than the posted speed limit.
  • Idling Alert – Cut fuel costs and reduce employee downtime.
  • Geo-fence Alert – Monitor when your vehicles enter/exit a virtual perimeter around a geographic location.
  • Motion Alert – Identify unauthorized vehicle use with instant alerts when your vehicles are utilized outside of normal operating hours.
  • First Movement of Day Notification – Keep track of your employees’ daily “clock in” to improve productivity.
  • PTO Activation Alert – Monitor when external vehicle systems are activated.
  • Analog Sensor Alert – Alerts for analog sensor measurements of temperature, tank pressure, fuel levels, etc.
  • Tampering Alert – Prevent tracking downtime due to driver tampering.
  • Long Stop Alert – Keep your drivers on the move and on task.
  • Driver Behavior Alert – Know exactly when and where a driver is driving in an unsafe manner, or one beyond the bounds of company policy.
  • Tow Alert – Instant notification when a vehicle moves while the ignition is off.
  • Battery Alert – Be notified when one of your vehicles has a low or dead battery.

For more information regarding StreetEagle Tracking Solutions, please contact us.