A variety of efficient, economical fleet messaging options

Using StreetEagle, Dispatchers are able to reach their employees through various modes of communication including e-mail, text messaging and messaging via onboard Garmin navigation devices. Through these channels, important job-related instructions and information can be relayed without slowing down or hindering service.

  • Multiple Routes of Communication – With StreetEagle there are several ways to relay communication about job changes or important information. This includes by email, text messages and messaging on the Garmin navigation device.
  • Reliable and Accurate – Communications via cell phone information can be lost or misinterpreted, but with StreetEagle messages are relayed accurately – avoiding misunderstandings and mistakes.
  • Timely – With StreetEagle your messages will be relayed in a timely manner, as long as there is coverage.

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