Route Optimization

Smarter routes plotted, generated and delivered – in just a few seconds.

StreetEagle’s Route Optimization capabilities allow dispatchers to create, edit, and optimize their routes directly within the StreetEagle application. We developed our own proprietary routing engine to provide a powerful, effective route optimization tool that even small businesses can afford. You can import your existing routes from a spreadsheet directly into StreetEagle which will optimize the routes and allow you to save them, or to push them to your drivers’ Garmin. It’s a remarkably easy, cost-effective way to optimize your company’s routes and help reduce wasted fuel, time, and mileage.

  • Optimization Options – With StreetEagle dispatchers can optimize routes by shortest time or distance. Stops can be manually sorted to customize the route. Dispatchers can also reverse the route to account for time-of-day traffic patterns.
  • Import your existing routes – Dispatchers can import existing routes from an excel spreadsheet into StreetEagle. These routes can be managed, optimized, and then sent to Drivers via StreetEagle Dispatch.
  • Route Management – Dispatchers can easily add, remove, or edit stops on existing routes. Edited routes can easily be re-optimized and sent to drivers in real-time. Routes may also be printed and given to Drivers.

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