Sensor Monitoring

StreetEagle Onboard Sensor Monitoring

StreetEagle Intelligence provides the following real-time “Proof of Service” by monitoring sensors and critical access points on your vehicle:

  • Protects your drivers in the case of a customer dispute
  • Verifies that your mobile employees are servicing every job assigned
  • Improves customer satisfaction – peace of mind in knowing your customers have been serviced on time
  • Eliminates unauthorized servicing and deliveries
  • Identifies and eliminates inaccuracies in Billing and Payroll

Tie StreetEagle’s sensor monitoring to a real-time alert to be notified immediately when the following events occur. Further, generate reports to show:

  • Pump On/Off
  • Lift Activated/Deactivated
  • Bucket Lifted/Dropped
  • Door Opened/Closed
  • Temperature increase/decrease

Worker Security

For drivers needing protection, a panic button can be installed on the dash of the vehicle. The driver simply pushes the button in the case of an emergency to send notifications to dispatch and management. For more information regarding StreetEagle Tracking Solutions, contact us.