Fuel Card

Validate fuel card purchases with real-time fleet location data

InSight Mobile Data is proud to partner with U.S. Bank and their Voyager fleet fuel card to offer organizations a powerful, fully integrated fuel management solution that goes well beyond fuel purchase monitoring. Many basic fuel card tracking programs help you track purchase location, consumption and time – but that’s not enough to prevent fuel theft and fraud. Because InSight’s fleet card data integrates seamlessly with StreetEagle, you’re able to catch unauthorized fuel purchases as they occur, with immediate notification by email or text messaging. StreetEagle provides extensive fuel data reporting to analyze fleet fuel consumption, verify usage, benchmark efficiency and more.

  • Verify fuel purchase locations and amounts
  • Link vehicle and/or driver locations to fuel purchases to prevent theft/fraud
  • Access accurate fuel economy data for any vehicle, any time
  • Receive real-time fuel transaction alerts whenever a purchase is made
  • Track fuel usage and performance data for individual vehicles/drivers
  • Integrate vehicle service purchases into StreetEagle Maintenance
  • Analyze fuel consumption data by vehicle/fuel type – Unleaded, Diesel, etc.
  • Compare fuel economy and maintenance costs to driver behavior data to discover what aggressive driving is actually costing you