An easy way to monitor maintenance needs – and costs.

StreetEagle’s automated vehicle maintenance provides fleet managers with a hands-free reminder of scheduled vehicle maintenance events. Automatic email alerts warn managers of upcoming items needing service, and service reports provide a detailed maintenance checklist for your entire fleet.

  • Unlimited scheduled maintenance profile definitions for oil changes, tires, inspections, etc.
  • Schedule based on any combination of elapsed mileage, engine operating time, and/or calendar time.
  • Track and record vehicle maintenance expenses for budgeting and planning purposes.
  • Total Engine operating time and vehicle odometer synced within StreetEagle allows managers to determine the longevity of the vehicles in your fleet.
  • Avoid Unforeseen repairs.
  • Maintain a healthy fleet.
  • Access the mechanical fitness of your mobile equipment.
  • Take the guesswork out of your fleet maintenance operations.

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