StreetEagle Mobile for Smartphones

Total fleet visibility, no matter where you are

StreetEagle provides you with total visibility into your entire field-based operation, from vehicle activities to asset locations and everything in between. But because in this day and age business is mobile, you can’t afford to be chained to a desktop to receive this mission-critical information. That’s why there’s SE Mobile: a powerful smartphone app that gives you these powerful capabilities, wherever your business takes you:

  • View real-time location and status of your vehicle(s)
  • Run a complete history of any vehicle you choose, including starts, parks, stops, and in-transit events
  • Vehicle history replay control
  • Map your entire fleet using standard, satellite or hybrid mapping
  • Vehicle control features: ping, lock/unlock door, enable/disable ignition, and start vehicle
  • Follow any vehicle in your fleet with real-time updates
  • Refresh your map every 30, 60 or 120 seconds
  • Instantly know precise vehicle status through color-coded vehicle icons

The SE Mobile app can be found on the Android, iPhone and Google Play markets, but feel free to contact us for more information as well.