StreetEagle® Mobile App

Advanced Fleet Management Software for Mobile Devices

Most organizations that utilize a mobile workforce to deliver their services conduct the vast majority of their business outside of the office. What is the point, then, of fleet management software that doesn’t allow you to access real-time mobile workforce activity data when you’re on the go? Because StreetEagle was designed to provide visibility into your entire mobile work environment - your vehicles, assets, equipment/inventory and field-based employees – the platform comes with a fully-functional mobile app that empowers you and your team to make smart decisions based on real data, wherever your business takes you. This powerful set of tools extend the capabilities of StreetEagle mobile workforce management and fleet maintenance software beyond the office and into the field, where service and responsiveness will separate you from your competition.

StreetEagle Mobile Advanced Fleet Management

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Plot any vehicle’s history with the touch of a button using the StreetEagle Mobile app.

More map layers mean more information in the new StreetEagle Mobile.

New “quick actions” slider bar makes the interface even more convenient.

“Quick actions” slider bar opens for additional information and interaction.

The StreetEagle Mobile app main menu.

Access ALL your data from the StreetEagle Mobile App

The StreetEagle mobile app makes all of the data that you can access through StreetEagle software in the office available on your smartphone or tablet: so you can manage any mobile resource activity that matters to your daily work. Many mobile versions of fleet management software are essentially “throw in” apps designed to give you visibility into your vehicle locations, and not much else. StreetEagle Mobile takes it to a whole other level.

Need to view a location history for each mobile worker on your team, or mobile assets such as equipment or trailers? You can do that with StreetEagle Mobile. Need to view employees’ time and attendance data or logged driving hours right now? SE Mobile makes that information accessible to you in just a few clicks. Need to toggle your Alerts on and off remotely, or receive alerts on vehicle events such as towing or PTO while parked? StreetEagle mobile fleet management software delivers that as well. You get the idea…

StreetEagle fleet management software provides you with total visibility into your entire field-based operation, from vehicle activities to asset locations and everything in between. Because in this day and age business is mobile, you can’t afford to be chained to a desktop to receive this mission-critical information. That’s why SE Mobile provides a convenient app that gives you these powerful capabilities, wherever your business takes you:

  • View real-time location and status of your vehicle(s), workers, assets, and equipment
    • Vehicles - real-time tracking updates provided by GPS
    • Worker activity - driver status changes, job updates, barcode scans, form submissions, HOS, inspections, etc
    • Assets - location and status updates provided by GPS and/or worker barcode scans
  • Fleet Status - listing of everything you track, showing current location and status.  Easy search feature to find what you’re looking for.
  • Plot the historical location and status data for everything you track.  You can also view these events chronologically in a list for easier tracing
  • Mapping includes views for Standard or Satellite, and layers for traffic and businesses.  Instantly know the status of your fleet through color-coded event icons
  • Vehicle remote control features: ping, lock/unlock door, enable/disable ignition, and auxiliary
  • Auto-Refresh your map every 30, 60 or 120 seconds
  • Alert control - enable/disable your fleet alerts.  Personal accounts have the ability to setup their alerts, just like
  • Dispatch - send jobs to your workers from anywhere
StreetEagle Mobile - total visibility into fleet operations

What can I manage/keep track of using the StreetEagle Mobile app?

StreetEagle Mobile - monitor mobile worker activity

Worker Activity

StreetEagle Mobile will give you instant verification when work is submitted as being completed, and you’ll also know when workers sign in and out thanks to the Mobile Timeclock feature. For drivers of vehicles impacted by the recently mandated Hours of Service regulations, you can also instantly access their electronic logbooks to know whether they’re compliant with the new legal requirements.

StreetEagle Mobile - capture fleet historical information


Historical data can be crucial for work and cost verification, or for clearing up disputes or validating claims. With StreetEagle Mobile you have direct access from your own smart device to historical information for your workers, assets and vehicles. Location, activity and status can be verified for any timeframe that’s important to you.

StreetEagle Mobile - fleet vehicle event monitoring

Vehicle Events

StreetEagle Mobile will let you know immediately inform you of important vehicle events that could impact the flow of business. Events like battery disconnect, vehicle towing, PTO trigger while parked, as well as any customized alerts you set, are communicated right to your smart phone or tablet.

StreetEagle Mobile - control alerts from smartphone or tablet


StreetEagle Mobile allows you to toggle any alert you set on or off from your phone or tablet – instead of waiting for the next time you’re in front of the desktop application.

The SE Mobile app can be found on the Google Play and iPhone markets, but feel free to reach out to us (using the form below) for more information as well.