Vehicle Diagnostics

Stay informed of maintenance needs, fuel usage, driver analytics and more

There is no reason now that fleet owners and managers can’t have constant access to vehicle maintenance records, fuel efficiency and consumption data and driver behavior analytics to enhance their overall fleet performance. StreetEagle Vehicle Diagnostics delivers accurate, time-stamped vehicle and driver data via analytic reports, real-time alerts to your smartphone or populated directly into our SE Maintenance module. With the right data at your fingertips, you can analyze both backwards and forwards – reviewing past performance for improvement opportunities, or proactively addressing maintenance needs before they become costly problems. Leverage SE Vehicle Diagnostics, when integrated with SE Maintenance, to gain insight into:

  • True odometer and engine run time to diagnose vehicle health
  • Total fuel consumed and fuel economy data
  • Engine speed (RPMs)
  • DTC diagnostic codes
  • Fluid temperature readings (for oil and coolant)
  • Real-time notifications for seat belt usage violations
  • What aggressive driving is actually costing you (comparing fuel economy and maintenance costs to driver behavior data)