Mobile Forms

Empower field workers to generate and transmit critical job information

InSight offers two solutions for mobile forms:

StreetEagle Mobile Forms

(a simple Forms app included with the StreetEagle Utility app)

doForms® Mobile Forms

(industry-leading and totally customizable mobile forms app)

No matter what type of work your employees in the field are responsible for, StreetEagle makes it possible for them to generate and electronically submit custom-made forms to capture and communicate critical job information. Our worker productivity app includes a mobile forms tool that allows them to include information such as:

  • Checkbox, Checklist, option list
  • Text, number, currency entry
  • Date, time, location stamp
  • Images and signature capture
  • Barcode/NFC scan

Your mobile workers can customize information fields, capture signature and images and more.

With these tools immediately accessible to them through an Android mobile device, your field-based employees will now be able to:

  • Attach information to an assigned job
  • Create and submit a customized form on the fly
  • Provide proof of on-site service/delivery/inspection
  • Send critical information electronically to the back office
  • Transition to a more efficient, paperless workflow

Submitted mobile forms are location, date, and time-tagged for further validation and proof of service. StreetEagle provides managers with a series of comprehensive reports that can be white-labeled and tied to customer invoices.

InSight and doForms: the ultimate package for mobile workforce efficiency

What if you could have a single solution that could combine vehicle location and activity data with job-related information captured on a tablet, and integrate both seamlessly with back-end systems? Imagine how much you could improve information flow between your office teams and mobile workers, and how much better you could take care of your customers. And think of how much your bottom line will benefit from taking out the costs and inefficiencies of paper.

InSight Mobile Data is proud to partner with doForms to provide this solution, and a whole lot more. doForms is an industry leader in mobile workforce enablement – helping companies to easily capture information in the field on smartphones and other mobile devices, send it via the cloud back to the office, and seamlessly integrate that data into existing operating systems.

The result: faster and more complete information to make everybody more efficient and effective.

Go from this:

  • Complicated, hard to fill out and often hard to read
  • Easy to damage, destroy or lose
  • Susceptible to errors
  • Expensive to print, copy and store
  • Data must be manually imported into systems (costly and time-consuming)

To this:

  • Transactions automatically date, time and location-stamped
  • Drop-downs, buttons, and check box options to reduce errors
  • Automatic calculations to reduce errors
  • Photos, scans and signatures captured
  • Credit card payments accepted

InSight and doForms together gives you:

  • ONE platform to manage vehicles, assets, workers and now, forms
  • Access (through StreetEagle) to the most advanced and easy-to-use mobile forms creation tool on the market
  • Reduced dependency on costly and inefficient paper forms
  • Real-time visibility into vehicle, asset and mobile worker activity in the field
  • Personal support from both InSight and doForms team members
  • Fast, secure credit card payment capability without any extra hardware
  • Ability to integrate data directly from the field into back-office systems like Quickbooks®, Salesforce, MySQL, SharePoint and more

When your company shares data seamlessly, your customers win

Giving your employees the ability to capture job-related data on a smartphone or tablet and share it instantly with the back office doesn’t just benefit your team, it also improves your customers’ experience. With StreetEagle and doForms seamlessly integrated, you can now manage all aspects of mobile worker activity in one place: vehicle activity, asset management, jobs and form completion.