ELD and beyond: InSight’s got you covered

If you’ve got to do it, you need time to prepare, a plan... and an experienced Elogs partner.

Implementing an ELD solution for your team doesn’t need to be difficult. But it will take some time, and it needs to be properly planned for.

The FMCSA’s official deadline for having an ELD solution in place is December 19, 2017. But waiting until a month, or a few weeks (!), before that deadline… well, it’s like taking a canoe up that famous creek without a paddle.

InSight can help you avoid an ELD implementation nightmare. We’ve got an elogs solution that’s proven, priced right, easy to learn, and comes with in-person service and support. And you can try it now for 60 days, risk-free, to see if it’s right for your operation.

What does InSight’s all-in-one ELD solution include?
  • ELD software – solution comes pre-installed with an FMCSA-compliant app that covers elogs, DVIR, Hours of Service and more
  • 8” ruggedized StreetEagle® Utility Tablet – an ideal solution for ELD, with a variety of hardware accessories, mounting options and extended warranty plan (link to SE Tablet web page)
  • Verizon data plan – 4G LTE, included in the package
  • Full installation and user training – InSight will handle installation and provide tools to train your team members to use a drivers logbook
  • Deployment featuresunique in-application Deployment Manager and on-screen tutorials make training and tracking usage easy for supervisors and managers (links can go to pop-up images of both items described)
  • Flexible pricing options – depending on the unique needs of your operation
What are the ELD packages that InSight offers?

InSight offers an ELD only option, basic tracking features through StreetEagle plus ELD, and StreetEagle Professional tracking solutions with ELD.

What is actually required by the FMCSA’s ELD mandate?
  • A direct connection with your vehicle’s engine, if your truck was manufactured after the year 2000. Any GPS or smartphone solution that doesn’t include that direct connection will not comply with the mandate.
  • The ELD solution must include the capability to electronically transfer HOS data to law enforcement. Acceptable communications methods include wireless web services, Bluetooth 2.1, USB, email and compliant printouts.
  • The ELD provider that you choose must be certified by the FMCSA. This means that the vendor must register with the FMCSA and document that the solution meets both the technical and performance mandate for the ELD mandate.
  • If you’re using an AOBRD, then you’re covered by a limited “grandfather” clause, which extends two years after the effective date of the rule – and four years from the time the final ELD is published.
  • Truck drivers that are required to keep record of duty status (RODS), but fall under and Hours of Service exemption, such as short haul, are not required to use an ELD.

All-In-One ELD Solution

Download the info sheet to learn more about the benefits of InSight's All-In-One ELD Solution. (PDF)