StreetEagle® Tablets

StreetEagle offers two different tablets: one that’s fully mounted, ruggedized and designed to support multiple business applications, and the other a simpler model (still ruggedized) that requires no hard wiring and can be self-installed in minutes. Both are FMCSA-certified ELD solutions, and both are fulfilled and supported by InSight Mobile Data. We also have options for businesses that prefer to supply their own devices (BYOD).

StreetEagle Utility Tablet

The 8" StreetEagle Utility Tablet, operating on the Android OS, is rugged, reliable and ready to deploy.

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StreetEagle Compliance Tablet

The StreetEagle Compliance Tablet from InSight Mobile Data provides a simple, low-cost, FMCSA compliant option for fleets looking for a basic ELD solution.

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