StreetEagle® Compliance Tablet

A self-installed, FMCSA-certified, ELD-only solution that makes compliance simple

The StreetEagle Compliance Tablet from InSight Mobile Data (a complement to the more rugged, multi-function StreetEagle Utility Tablet) provides a simple, low-cost, FMCSA certified ELD tablet for organizations looking for an ELD-only option.

The durable, 7” tablet ships with two other ELD hardware components and requires no outside help for installation. The electronic driver logs device is located in the ELD tablet cradle itself, which also includes a visual malfunction indicator (meeting the FMCSA’s requirement). A standard J-Bus cable to plug in to the vehicle’s engine completes the ELD solution – and you’re ready to go.

The StreetEagle Compliance Tablet makes it easy to plug in, turn on and get on the road... it’s an affordable, reliable option for fleets that don’t need other applications (like maintenance management, driver behavior monitoring or custom mobile forms) integrated into their ELD solution.

StreetEagle® Compliance Tablet

Download the info sheet to learn more about the benefits of the StreetEagle® Compliance Tablet. (PDF)

Convenient services to make compliance easier, such as:

Driver Duty Status

Simple, clean interface makes it easy for drivers to communicate their status.


The touch-based checklist makes vehicle inspection painless, and a breeze to submit.

Fuel Management

The software keeps track of important fuel usage data like time/location of fill-ups, costs, fuel efficiency, etc.

IFTA Reporting

For drivers operating across state lines, the software will automatically track and submit interstate mileage data.

Three Components of the StreetEagle Compliance Tablet Solution:

1. Integrated Cradle:

in-cab charging cradle (an industry first) with a mandated LED malfunction indicator light and a powerful built-in telematics gateway featuring highly sensitive GPS, triple-axis accelerometer, cellular connectivity and the ability to read and communicate real-time vehicle engine data. The cradle also supplies connectivity to the ELD Tablet while docked.

2. StreetEagle Compliance Tablet:

a rugged 7-inch touchscreen display with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connectivity, including StreetEagle ELD software (HoS and DVIR), fuel management and more.

3. ECM Connection (Y-Cable):

a single cable that provides power and direct connectivity to the vehicle’s engine control unit. ECM support for all light and heavy duty vehicles.

Every InSight ELD solution includes:

  • ELD software - solution comes pre-installed with an FMCSA-compliant app that covers electronic logbooks, DVIR, Hours of Service and more
  • Onboarding and user training tools - InSight will assign a personal representative to get you up and running with the solution, and provide tools to train your team members as well
  • Personal, USA-based technical support - included with every solution InSight provides
  • Flexible pricing options for a variety of needs

Get in touch with us today and we’ll gladly share more info about the SE Compliance Tablet.