Route Planning & Optimization

Smarter, More Efficient Routes in Seconds (not Hours)

RouteOp is a route optimization and assignment tool, developed in partnership with the international route planning experts Viamente, that seamlessly integrates with StreetEagle Dispatch. Trying to organize maps, spreadsheets, multiple orders and drivers to create a work plan can take hours – and getting it wrong can be costly through missed orders, unhappy customers, wasted fuel, and unnecessary vehicle wear and tear. With RouteOp, it’s one interface to generate the most efficient routes for multiple drivers, with multiple stops – in just a few clicks. It takes what can be a staggeringly complex process, and makes it simple.

The benefits go far beyond convenience, however – improving field productivity, office efficiency and customer satisfaction:

  • Reduce costs by utilizing less mobile workers for more orders
  • Save fuel, decrease mileage and reduce maintenance costs
  • Close the “four hour service window”
  • Easy enough for everyone in your office to use
  • Allows your team to focus on SLAs and customer commitments
  • Provide reliable appointments in seconds, and accept last-minute orders

For more information regarding route planning using StreetEagle Tracking Solutions, contact us.