Objections to Electronic Forms: “Our Team Will Have A Hard Time Getting Used to New Technology”

Whether you currently have a mobility solution that isn’t meeting your needs, or you don’t have a solution at all, your workers are most likely accustomed to using mobile apps. In fact, more than 200 million mobile workers use business apps.[1] The widespread use of apps has paved the way for rapid employee adoption of your mobility solution.

Additionally, during the implementation process, you can make a point of explaining the benefits of mobility solutions to your employees. Help them understand how much time and effort they will save by using a mobile app instead of paper forms. Using their mobile device, workers in the field can retrieve helpful information and also update documents from wherever they are.

When you create an efficient two-way link between the field and the back office, your organization gives mobile workers the ability to get their jobs done faster by eliminating the need to go into the office or make a phone call to request the information they need while out in the field.

[1] AllianceTech, The Mobile App Phenomenon, September 24, 2014.