Give me insight on… choosing the right ELD solution

white-paper-5-facing-the-eld-mandate-head-on-insight-mobile-data-1280-1656If you’re an organization with trucks on the road of a certain type or class, you’ve heard about the forthcoming legislation that makes an electronic logging device (ELD) mandatory for your drivers. Starting in 2017, businesses will need to have in place a solution to electronically capture Hours of Service (HoS), deliver vehicle inspection information, and more.

So you’re aware that you need a solution – but how do you decide which solution fits your needs, and how do you know the right questions to ask of companies who claim to provide one? That’s exactly what this white paper is all about. It outlines four essential requirements for an effective electronic logbooks solution and arms you with the right information to ask intelligent questions and pinpoint the right solution for your company’s long-term success.

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