Give me insight on… emerging mobility challenges for business owners

white-paper-4-emerging-mobility-challenges-for-business-owners-insight-mobile-data-1280-1656Business owners are faced with a number of challenges as they try to realize the potential of today’s mobile devices and generate measurable returns from these investments. Today, most of this energy is being applied to the basics of device selection and providing virtual secure mobile access to files, resources, and communications tools on mobile devices. This is a necessary first step. But it will likely not be enough to justify the investment and realize the full growth potential of tablets and smartphones.

The experience of early adopters strongly suggests that business owners will be faced with a number of second order challenges as their mobility programs rollout and mature. These challenges will need to be addressed if they expect to realize measurable and even transformational returns from their investment in mobility. This paper outlines what to expect, and five areas business owners will need to focus on to ensure they are ready to capitalize on the explosion of mobile devices, applications, and opportunities.

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